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This is a blog i made for One Tree Hill. I absolutely love that show! I will be posting pictures, caps, quotes and music from One tree Hill.
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"When I was a junior in High School, I took some stuff to help me with my game. Drugs.. and it was a stupid thing to do. I ended up collapsing on the court and my Dad was all about covering it up for the scouts. Anyway, when I left the hospital I went to see Haley because I needed to know if she could forgive me. I wanted to see if I still had a chance to be great in her eyes, and when she did, when she forgave me- that was the moment that everything changed for me. That was the moment that I fell in love with her. This girl who could see past all the mistakes I have made. Now I guess maybe sometimes I screw up because I want to feel that again. I suppose that sounds pretty broken..

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one tree hill meme: 02/05 relationships
nathan & haley


“Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. We graduated high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that you get at seventeen or eighteen that nobody in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like someone else’s memory.”

- One Tree Hill, 23/09/2003 - 04/04/2012